Matchbox Brothers (2013-16)

A few years back I inherited a matchbox cover album from my Polish grandfather, used as inspiration for a series of drawings, first shown at the Polish Social and Cultural Association in London, 2013. In 2014 these were combined with a fictional text I wrote and presented over a one week show at the Hundred Years Gallery, a dynamic art space in Hoxton. In 2016 the drawings and text were made into a self-published book entitled Matchbox Brothers launched at The Exchange, an artist-led project in Brunswick East.

Matchbox Brothers is the tale of two brothers separated by the second world war. One is an artist living in Poland and the other an architect who lives in the U.K.
Bronislaw who lives in Warsaw makes art from a converted attic room. He is always working in fear that the authorities would come banging on his door. ‘Spot checks’ would be made on artist’s studios to make sure that they were not producing anything ‘unorthodox’. Only images of religious icons, town/landscapes and folk art were allowed. His brother in London who only knows him as an artist in this capacity and admires him is shocked to find out that he is an anti-communist and has a revolutionary bent. Through his art he hopes to make people see truths about their own political system. He conceals anti-government messages in his work designed to sway public feeling. In a broadcast that he has planned a message that would back up his beliefs will be seen illuminated in writing across the skies for all to see. But not before taking a cross country trip with a companion to an old matchbox factory deep in the Polish woods to undertake a commission.

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