Storm Surge at High Tide 2018

A few months back my application to the residency programme at Spurn Point run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust was accepted, and I am collaborating with Alexandra Vaughan to develop a joint residency with a twist, marrying art and bread in an unusual way.

With the centenary of the end of WWI happening in 2018 and the location of the residency on an ex-military site, we will explore the impact of the First World War on everyday lives history and the natural elements of landscape and wildlife at the Point.

Our goal, with this project, is to engage audiences through a combined sensorial experience, from taste to vision and sound, articulating old tales in new languages and allowing for a long-lasting memory of their visit. We wish for visitors to go home with stories to share and a greater understanding of the WW1 themes here developed.

The artwork being developed consists of fictional text, drawings, and sculptures to be presented at the lighthouse and selected outdoor locations. This varied body of work is designed to appeal to the viewers’ sense of nostalgia and personal memory. The audience will be invited to create a dialogue with the work by exploring its different physical locations at the Point.

I will combine found materials and materials that are related to the Point and to the texts I will write. Sculpture that relies on observation and that gives visual hints through association. Objects that take form using the military history of Spurn, and tell a tale. The work, through its conceptual, material, and aesthetic form, will open a conversation on this most prevalent and troubling theme of our time, that of armed conflicts, whilst celebrating the end of war and Armistice day.

You can follow the project’s website here.


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