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LUBOMIROV-EASTON’s Open Call for Editions was not a typical open call. It was a response to the pervasive use of digital selection for open submissions. We wanted to specifically not use digital images as a basis for seeing work, but to really take the time to look at actual artworks in situ. We also wanted to create a situation where all applying artists would be able to show their work. The project for us sits somewhere between an exhibition and a month-long live viewing exercise. It was dynamic in nature. The project opened on Friday 27th February with a live hang in lieu of a Private View. Work was hung salon-style as it arrived. The application deadline wad then extended to the penultimate day of the project. As editions continued to come in, works were moved and rehung on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. This process continued until Thursday 26th March. The Private View was held on the last day of the project - Friday 27th March, as a Finissage and a final moment in an evolving milieu of artworks.

The following artists were selected for inclusion in Lubomirov-Easton Limited Editions:

Sarah Pager | Grant Watson | Michael Boffey | Beatrice Haines | Robin Tarbet | Lisa Ivory | Ben Swift | Amanda Whittle | Mandy Hudson | Charlie Warde | Liz Elton | Lee Johnson | Kaori Homma

The winner of the public vote was Sisetta Zappone.

Private View Documentation
Photographs by Samantha Wolf

Open Call Terms and Conditions

Bring your editions to LUBOMIROV-EASTON:

Prints, Casts, Unique Multiples

We are looking to select a large number of new works for our Limited Editions Collection, future shows and art fairs • No digital selection • All works viewed in situ

Maximum size 1m3 • Any medium • £10 per artwork • All works will be displayed

Submission Dates:
Applications and deliveries accepted until: Thursday 26 MARCH
Private View and Closing Party: Friday 27 March 6 - 9.30pm

Deliver in person between 1pm and 5pm Thursday to Saturday.
Your work will go up the same or next working day.

Application Procedure:
• Fill out the form below for each artwork you wish to submit.
• No limit on number of submissions (within reason).
• Price: £10 for each work.
• Payment must be made prior to delivery using the form below.
Other form of payments, such as cash or cheque, will NOT be accepted.

Delivery Instructions
• Print and bring your confirmation email for each edition.
• Deliver your artworks to LUBOMIROV-EASTON between 1pm and 5pm, Thursday to Saturday.
• If the edition comprises of unique multiples, you may deliver the entire edition, or as much as is available for sale. If you are submitting prints or casts, deliver just one work from the edition, indicating clearly how many additional works are available.
• Flat work should be framed.
• Once we have confirmed your payment we will accept consignment of your work for the remainder of the exhibition.
• You must remove all packaging and take it away with you. Any packaging left in the gallery will be disposed of.
• Our team will hang work as it arrives or on the following working day.
• We reserve the right to refuse without reason any work.

Exhibition Format
• Work will be on view at LUBOMIROV-EASTON until Friday 27 March 2015
• Throughout the exhibition dates the space will function as a live viewing and selection space. All works will be displayed and looked at.
• Works which are